July 2016

Neuromagic: Why we are fooled by our own minds

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We all know the mind can play tricks on us. But how? Australian magician Nicholas J. Johnson’s new show Deceptology explores what’s known as neuromagic — a field of study that explores why our brains are fooled by magic tricks. Johnson’s interest in neuroscience dates back [...]

Can neuroscience tell how you’ll vote?

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Can neuroscience tell how you will vote? Maybe someday... An Irish election has past, and an American election is looming, but have you ever considered how exactly you decide who to vote for? Now, presumably you’ll say that you choose a candidate based on his or [...]

The neuroscience of conflict

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Is conflict unavoidable? Sometimes it is; sometimes it is not. But it helps to understand how and why conflict arises. Imagine this scenario: You are driving to work and your car stalls at the red light. Behind you impatient drivers start honking. How do you feel? [...]