Day One: after you have decided to quit smoking, and during the first day of your new smoke-free life, read the Aspire Stop Smoking Online Program Ebook. Don’t worry it’s not too long (step one).

Then print out your contracts and have them signed by your friends or family members (step 2).

Next, listen to the hypnosis file, about once a day for the first three weeks, and then once a week for the next three months. Listen only when you are lying down, and always use headphones (step 3).

Also on day one, login and begin the mindfulness course that comes with this program (step 4).

Day two: listen to the Affirmations file which should be listened to as often as possible over the next six months. Listen to it with headphones when you are in a comfortable position (step 5).

Day Three: when you are good and ready, begin a light exercise program using the workout in our exercise video (step 6). Where possible consult your physician first.

Day Four: Try to start changing your food intake so that it matches our nutrition guide (step 7)

Day Five: Register for the next online webinar with our Addiction & Stop Smoking Online Program Specialist to help you stay smoke-free.